Street Artist, Monster!


Darbotz loves Jakarta very much. For him, the traffic jam, the chaos and the hecticness of Jakarta must be faced by him everyday. That which bring out his visual character of his work. The cumi (squid). A character describes his alter ego in facing the hard city. Darbotz first signature on the street probably his school gang name back in 1997, from walls, buses, and including at the enemy schools area. After more comprehend visual principles during lectures in 2000-2004, darbotz develop in efforts to create visual characteristics as his own identity, which is shall be recognized without putting his name in the drawing.

“Di Jakarta sendiri sudah terlalu ada banyak warna, apalagi sama poster-poster yang warnanya segala macam itu.

Hitam dan putih membuat karya saya beda.”

  - Darbotz




  / Rp 4.031.000