22 Sep 2019

“ANTI SUPREMACY” by Abell Octovan x Mighty Jaxx x Museum of Toys

Indonesia toy designer Abell Octovan will unveil his first polystone statue “Anti Supremacy” courtesy of Museum of Toys x Mighty Jaxx, with the 12-inch / 30cm tall collectible bust first previewed at Art Jakarta Indonesia, and subsequently available for online purchase on mightyjaxx.com, scheduled for September 7th!

Limited to 99pcs worldwide, this piece which features a mash-up between classical sculptural spirit and the aesthetics of the modern masked urban street protestor (pretty apt in these current times of strife all around the world, IMHO). “Anti Supremacy” tells the story that “justice and honour should never be silenced”.

Further updates when I have them. Meanwhile, stay connected to Insta @museumoftoys for more of what they’ll be showing at 30th of August to September 1st event!