28 Jun 2020

Darucan OG by Crack x Museum of Toys – Vinyl Pulse

The Darucan OG vinyl art toy from Crack x Indonesia-based Museum of Toys blends the ancient tradition of Daruma dolls and a modern, urban form of expression, graffitti. The OG edition features a striking, classic black + orange color combo. With three swappable cap selections, Darucan is ready to bring you luck, no matter the project. Not to get too warm and fuzzy, the figure retains the edge of the street with ‘Kill’ emblazoned on the front in bright orange.

The Darucan OG edition vinyl art toy (6″) is available from Museum of Toys for $99 each. The figure is also available in three unpainted editions: GID, Black DIY and White DIY, each for $69.

Source : Vinyl Pulse