22 Sep 2019

MONSTERBALL TOTEM #01 by Darbotz x Museum of Toys

Introducing MONSTERBALL TOTEM #01 from Indonesia urban artist Darbotz (Insta @darbotz), with this detachable piece (see breakdown images at bottom of this post) on display at Art Jakarta this weekend in Indonesia (Aug 30-Sept 1), courtesy of Museum of Toys via Booth D21!

The item will also be made available for pre-orders, with this 250mm tall piece priced at US$240 or 3.4 million idr, with the final release be in “unbreakable vinyl material”.

For folks who pre-order at the MOT booth this weekend, they will get a 10% early bird discount,and free domestic shipping when ships mid-December 2019.

Limited to 350pcs worldwide, features 3 points of articulation, which allows this collectible capable of achieving “100 faces combination”.

Check out Insta @museumoftoys to see at else will be on-show at D21 (Including Abell Octovan’s Anti Supremacy)!